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Last Exit to Ricklesburgh - Trailer
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From Toasted Motion Films and Arpeggio Pictures, comes the BAFTA New Talent nominated pilot episode of comedy web series Last Exit to Ricklesburgh. Here is the trailer for episode one of the weird and wonderful dark comedy. You can watch the full short film at

"When Chaff and Adrian rent a house in the little-known town of Ricklesburgh, they begin to discover that nothing is as it seems and the people that live there are anything but normal. A great philosopher once wrote, sometimes it’s necessary to go a long distance out of the way in order to come back a short distance correctly. Obviously this great philosopher had never been to Ricklesburgh."

Starring - Russell Miller and Chris Miller


Production - Toasted Motion Films & Arpeggio Pictures
Writer/Director - The Miller Brothers
Producer/Sound - Stuart Condy
Director of Photography - Robbie Jones
Camera Assistants - Michael Tulloch, Alex Hodgson
Make-up, SFX - Kat Morgan
Music - GreKanE

Last Exit to Ricklesburgh Poster with la
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