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Originally from Manchester, I moved up to Edinburgh in my late teens. After studying photography and film at Screen Academy Scotland for four years, I left with a 1st class Honours degree and a passion for cinematography. Since then I've had 10 years experience shooting commercial, art, music, documentary and narrative work.


I've created online content for Bacardi, LEGO, Co-op, BBC Proms, NHS, Edinburgh Festival and Decca Records. I shot BAFTA New Talent nom'd Last Exit To Ricklesburgh and Marram (which I co-directed) and operated on five features including Sky's Borderland starring Felicity Jones. I'm currently shooting I Am Irvine Welsh feature documentary for LS Productions. My latest short film is ASKA starring Kate Dickie.

With a solid background in camera assisting for TV dramas in London, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many experienced cinematographers. This has helped me to hone my skills and apply more knowledge and confidence on my own sets. I was lucky enough to take part in an intimate and practical workshop ran by Oscar nominated DP Ryszard Lenczewski (Ida, My Summer of Love).

I have a passion for lighting; a craft I continue to find more intriguing as my career develops. I'm often searching for new ways to use colour, texture and mise en scène and enjoy working closely with the production designer. I have the technical ability needed to work efficiently on set, whilst my focus remains on the creative side of filmmaking and what emotions my storytelling may evoke.

My first feature as DP was Riptide for BIFA award-winning, BAFTA nom'd Lyre Productions. Filmed in countless beautiful Scottish landscapes, it is a love story road movie exploring the relationship between two people with schizophrenia. Riptide was awarded Best Feature at Beyond The Curve, Prague IFA, BRNO and Hallucinea, selected by Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, Canberra, Reel Recovery and Shetland Film Festival.

0789 505 5139

Glasgow, UK

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