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Dance & digital collaboration between choreographer Malick Bright AKA AndroidX and scenographers MHz (Megahertz), building on their previous collaboration on their Cyber punk production KID_X. Afro street moves collide with tech and visuals.

Artistic Director + Choreographer - AndroidX
Scenography + Dramaturgy - MHz
Dancers - AndroidX, Benny Tantu, Elton Mota, Will Bernardo
Movement Director - John Berkavitch
Costume Design - Saehee Simmons
Sound Design - MHz
Illustrator - Wumzum
Creative Consultants - Etienne Kubwabo, Oluwatoyin Odunsi, Tony Mills
Producer - Split Second
Assistant Producer - Amy Greenwood
Technical Director - MHz
Production Photography - Tiu Makkonen
Cinematographer - Robbie Jones
Editor - Dav Bernard

Production website splitsecond

Megahertz website m-hz

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